Darjeeling is an ideal resort for nature enthusiasts, set among rolling mountains. Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, and the War Memorial, as well as the Himalayan Zoological Park and Snow Leopard Breeding Center, are popular tourist attractions. What should you bring with you? Tea, tea, and more tea—along with lovely local handicrafts.

Darjeeling was once a collection of villages controlled alternately by Nepal and Sikkim. It rose to prominence in the mid-nineteenth century when the British erected a hill station there due to its climate.

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Darjeeling is a small town, and the pleasant climate makes walking about town a pleasurable way to get around. Taxis are available near the entrance of the Supermarket for longer travel.

Take a share-jeep to Ghoom (the next town up the ridge), visit some monasteries, and then walk back to Darjeeling through some of the villages.

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