This lovely town of Yamunanagar has derived its call through dint of its proximity to the river of Yamuna. Being near a river, makes this location a lovely traveler spot as well. This town has climbed the charts of recognition very quickly withinside the current instances through distinctive feature of being the alternate hub of the nation of Haryana.

It is the second maximum generator of sales at the back of the town of Faridabad, which owes its lead immensely to its geographical topography. It is well-known for being the economic hub for the nation and it boasts of sheltering a number of the pinnacle sugar equipment factories, paper equipment factories and is outstanding of being the most important plywood producer. The organization of plywood factories, which churn out excessive first-class wood is one of the number one appealing factors of this town.

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The town of Yamunanagar is withinside the Jagadhari Tehsil of the Yamunanagar district and has coordinates of 30.1 North and 77.28 East. The common elevation of this area is at 255 metres or 836 feet. The river Yamuna flows thru this location and the canal of this river bureaucracy a number one supply of irrigation for the farmers. The district of Yamunanagar has the river Yamuna strolling thru it, which then bureaucracy the border for the kingdom of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

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