Uttarakhand Beauty

Uttarakhand a Heaven for Newlyweds

Uttarakhand offers some of the best of Himalayas.For all that, couples who recently put on the world’s sweetest handcuffs (wedding rings) may want to start their new life with one romantic getaway.  Uttarakhand offers the best for romantics.  The landscapes so eye-catching that your jaw will drop, whether you are thrill hunter or leisure lover, you will be having the best time of your life.  Eternal trails through the mountains, posh meadows speckled with flower beneath the mountains.  Lakes passing by pretty cottages and fields.  Despite from where you are looking, everything will look astonishing.

The very first thing you will like to do as couple would be trek.  No one can miss the thrill, and we all know that Uttarakhand is adventure paradise.  There is always something for everyone.  If trek is not for your partner or you are not that into thrill, you can always go on a long walk through quiet woods with sun filtering through leaves.  Nothing is romantic than a quiet place with your partner.

The second thing would be rafting.  Mussoorie and Rishikesh are the major spots for river rafting.  If you want ‘The’ best rafting experience then go to ‘The Kali River’, it serves the best river rafting.  It dash through sandy banks and tall mountains with two hovering on the cliffs and sometimes through a semi-tropical forest.

The third one would be ‘Mountain Biking’, what can be better than biking along long empty elongate landscapes, past quaint village.  The awesome view all over the place and the air- the air would be so fresh and cold it will sting.  The awesome view all over the place.  What else you need?

‘The Valley of flower’- This one place is what you called a perfect romantic destination.  The valley of flower has been attracting a very mass number of tourists, travelers, and ‘the romantics’.  Especially in the Monsoon season, in that time of year the valley is full of beautiful and rare species flower with incredible amount of flowers surrounding everywhere.

What could be better than a romantic stay in pinewood cottages?  Himalaya home stay offer these pinewood cottages with awesome view window that shows the marvelous look of the mountains, nice cold fresh air and freshly made food prepared specially by their own locally grown vegetable.

These were just a few suggestion of what is really out here in ‘Uttarakhand.’  This place is truly a heaven to us.