9 reasons why Nainital

9 reasons why Nainital

Come to Nainital if you want to truly experience heaven on earth. It was discovered as a hill station by the British and is today a contemporary hill resort with good highways connecting it to all of India’s main cities.

The journey to Nainital passes through forests where you can view nature at its most beautiful, as well as wildlife. The town is situated near the foothills of the outer Himalayan Kumaon highlands. It is well-known for its natural beauties and year-round pleasant weather.

9 reasons why Nainital are as follows:

9 reasons why Nainital

1. Go for a boat ride on the Nainital Lake.

Nainital’s lifeline is the Nainital Lake, which is located in the heart of the town. The lake is surrounded on three sides by hills, and guests can take advantage of the lake’s boating facilities. Alternatively, visitors can take a leisurely stroll around it or relax near the lake.

Horseback riding, ice skating, rock climbing, and golf are just a few of the activities offered to anyone who wants to get some exercise. Fishing is permitted at the lake with the approval of the local authorities.

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2. Take a trip to the Nainital Zoo.

Sher Ka Danda’s Nainital Zoo is a well-kept zoo. It has well-maintained roadways that connect it to the major cities. Snow leopards, black bears, Siberian tigers, barking deer, sambar deer, civet cats, wolves, parakeets, and owls are among the creatures that live there.

To go to the zoo, you’ll need to charter a private jeep from Mall Road in Nainital, as other private vehicles are not permitted inside. Visitors can choose to walk around the zoo or take advantage of the zoo’s shuttle service.

3. Visit the Governor’s House, sometimes known as the “Buckingham Palace of India.”

Because it was built on the model of the famous British Palace, the Governor’s House in Nainital is sometimes known as ‘Buckingham Palace.’ The structure was built in March 1900 and is now utilized as the Governor of Uttarakhand’s official house.

This structure, like the majority of Nainital’s colonial structures, was inspired by early Gothic architecture. A ribbed vault, a pointed arch, and a flying buttress adorn the structure. It also contains a ballroom with seating for roughly 250 people and a dance floor.

4. Take the Nainital Ropeway to see the sights of Nainital.

The Nainital Ropeway connects the Snow-View Point with Nainital and is the city’s principal attraction. The ropeway begins in Mallital, and the tourists are transported by two trolleys.

The Ropeway is designed with cutting-edge Swiss technology and features a very steep ascent and descent. While ascending, visitors will be treated to a panoramic view of the lake, as well as a bird’s eye view of the plains while descending.

5. Nainital’s Khurpa Taal

Khurpa Taal is a picturesque lake in Nainital, located on the Bajpur-Kaladgungi Road. It’s an angler’s dream, with crystal clear water and plenty of fish.

The path to Khurpa Taal is bordered by tall trees that are in full blossom. It is a stunning location that attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year.

6. Naina Devi Temple

The Naina Devi Temple, located on the north side of the Nainital Lake, is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Sati. Every year, thousands of worshipers flock to this temple.

Near the temple is a hilltop with various businesses offering prasad to be offered in the shrine.

7. Take in the scenery from the Snow View Point

Nainital’s Snow View Point is a renowned tourist destination. It’s close to town and accessible by cable car or ropeway.

This top provides a wonderful perspective of Nainital’s picturesque town and its breathtaking snow-capped mountains. When it is not cloudy, this is the finest time of year to come.

8. Naina Peak

The tallest peak in Nainital, Naina Peak, is a challenge for experienced hikers. The mountain provides a spectacular view of the town, the Himalayas, and the entire Kumaon Terai region.

A nice forest of rhododendrons, deodars, and cypress trees can be found on the road to Naina Peak.

9. Pay a visit to the pilgrimage site of Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham, located in Bhowali, near Nainital, is a modern pilgrimage destination that is well-kept and hygienic. It is a pilgrimage destination and temple devoted to the Hindu god Hanuman that is recognized around the world.

Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji founded it in 1962. Thousands of people visit it each year, especially on June 15th, which is the anniversary of its founding, when more than 100,000 people are fed.


Better late than never, if you’re seeking a wonderfully romantic trip, Nainital is the place to be. There are numerous places to visit in Nainital, each with its own set of attractions to ensure that you have the best holiday of your life. These are the 9 reasons why Nainital. So pack your luggage and prepare to travel to Nainital’s mysterious lands to experience pure happiness!