TRAVELING : to dream destination

Destination, a point in life or a journey that you must go through to reach the final spot where you think, ‘Aah!! finally, i made it’.

For reaching that satisfactory moment you have to pass through the difficult road, or through difficult time, but somehow we always fluster to take that. Why is that we are afraid to go down the road and see what comes before you.

There are so many things we want to do in life, many thing to see, and yet we don’t have the courage to do so. I am sure many of you are capable of doing so and probably thinking what am i trying to say. I say, this isn’t for you people, this is for those who wants it so bad but are unable to. The reason for that is just a moment when they thought, ‘this isn’t worth it, ‘why waste our time, ‘I should be doing job and work or anything they are doing just for that, once i reach my goal i will enjoy my fullest.’

That’s where many of you are wrong, the time can’t back up, you are wasting it by having that dumb thoughts and then just sit in your homes.

I was once like it. I was afraid to do all traveling, as all wish to see the world i did it too. I didn’t even know why i couldn’t do it.

The time is now. I am saying with my own experience. Sometime i thought i can do it some other time but guess what that time never comes. If you have the opportunities you gotta take it and explore.

There is a saying, “Yesterday was a history tomorrow is a mystery, but today it’s a gift that’s why it’s called ‘present’.

I once travel by bus to Chittorh, it was a very pleasant ride, i got to see new things, small villages, I remember stayin awake for whole night just staring into sky seeing stars and listening to some of favourite music, it was so peaceful. It made me think that i don’t even know what world we live in and how less we can see it. By travelling you get to see the things with open eyes, everything seems so beautiful that our eyes couldn’t get enough.

You know a good thing about traveling, it makes you do thing out of your comfort zone. It helps you to be a better person. I learn one thing from traveling. It can not always go as you plan, the same thing is suits the life. We always make plans before hand and expect that it will go according to it.  when things happen unexpectedly it didn’t always as bad as you think. it so like small obstacle that you eventually overcome. So don’t panic.

By traveling you can see the different types of culture and people who live there life to the fullest, completely different our busy scheduled life. It makes you stop doing other thing and just mesmerise the culture and it’s beauty.

In the end just remember that how blessed we are that we live in a world full of wonder and never actually show any gratitude towards it.